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Anchisaurus (pronounced AN-key-SAWR-us) was a primitive, plant-eating dinosaur. This late prosauropod dinosaur lived during the early Jurassic period, from about 200 million to 188 million years ago. A saurischian dinosaur, Anchisaurus is also known as Yaleosaurus.

Diet: Anchisaurus was an herbivore (a plant eater or a primary consumer). It had leaf-shaped teeth with serrated edges.

Anatomy: Anchisaurus was 6.5 to 8 feet (2 to 2.5 m) long and probably weighed from 65 to 150 pounds (30-70 kg). It was a quadruped that could also walk on two legs. It had a small head, a long neck, a long body, long, thin feet, and a long tail.

Name: This dinosaur was named by paleontologist O. Marsh in 1885. Anchisaurus menas "near lizard." The type species is Anchisaurus polyzelus.

Fossils: Nearly complete fossils have been found in Connecticut and Massachusetts, USA.

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