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Polacanthus was an armored, spiked, plant-eating dinosaur from the early Cretaceous period, from about 132 to 100 million years ago. Polacanthus means "many spines." Some paleontologists think that Polacanthus is the same genus as Hylaeosaurus.

Anatomy: Polacanthus was about 12 feet (4 m) long and about 4.8 feet (1.5 m) tall. It was a bulky quadruped that relied on its many rows of bony spikes for protection.

Diet: Polacanthus was an herbivore, a plant-eater.

Fossils: Fossils of this ankylosaurid have been found in England. Polacanthus was named by Hulke in 1881. The type species is P. foxii.

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