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Label the Ladybug Life Cycle Diagram
Label the ladybug life cycle diagram using the definitions below.
Ladybug Information

ladybug life cycle tiny

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eggs - Ladybugs lay masses of tiny, yellow, elongated eggs on a leaf. They hatch in 3 to 7 days.
larva - Each egg hatches into a long, six-legged larva, which eats and molts (sheds its skin) many times as it grows. The larval stage lasts 2 to 4 weeks.
pupa - After reaching full size, the larva attaches itself to a plant leaf or stem (by its "tail"). The larval skin then splits down the back, exposing the pupa. The pupa is about the size of the adult but is all wrapped up, protecting the ladybug while the it undergoes metamorphosis into its adult stage.
adult - The adult ladybug emerges from the pupa. It will mate, the female will lay eggs, and the cycle begins again.

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