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Label Fiddler Crab
External Anatomy

Read the definitions below, then label the fiddler crab diagram.

Hermit Crab anatomy diagram to label

Antennae - Two sensory organs (feelers) located towards the front of the crab.
Carapace - The hard, protective outer shell of the crab. The carapace is made of chitin.
Cheliped - One of two big claws used for defense and food handling. In male fiddler crabs, one cheliped is much bigger than the other; in females, the two chelipeds are about the same size.
Eyestalk - The two compound eyes are located on eyestalks.
Mouth - The mouth is located at the front of the crab, near base of the eyestalks and the antennae.
Walking legs - Four pairs of long, jointed legs used for locomotion (walking).

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