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The Mastiff (also called the Old English Mastiff) is a large, loyal, intelligent, and fearless dog. Although this powerful breed is docile to its friends, it is a courageous guard dog that dislikes intruders.

Origins of Breed: A working dog, the mastiff was originally bred from the Tibetan Mastiff, perhaps a thousand years ago. It has been used as a guard dog in Great Britain for hundreds of years; it has also been used to fight other dogs and bait bulls.

Anatomy: The Mastiff is about 27 1/2 to 30 inches (70-76 cm) high at shoulders, and weighs 175 to 190 pounds (79-86 kg) - this is heavier than many adult humans. This huge dog has a short coat. The fur is dark brown, tan, or mixed; black fur surrounds the eyes, nose and muzzle. A wide, flat skull, a wrinkled brow, and droopy ears give this dog a distinctive look.

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