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Rabbit Printout
K-3 Rabbit Theme Unit
Rabbit Quiz Animal Printouts
Label Me! Printouts

1. Are rabbits herbivores (plant-eaters), carnivores (meat-eaters), or omnivores (eating both plants and meat)? _________________________

2. Are a rabbit's whiskers are used to sense sounds, touch or smells? _________________________

3. Are rabbits fast-moving or slow-moving? _________________________

4. Do rabbits have a short tail or a long tail? _________________________

5. What part of their body do rabbits use for hopping and for digging burrows? _________________________

6. Do rabbits have a good sense of hearing? _________________________

7. Rabbits are found on every continent on Earth except this cold one. _________________________.

8. Are rabbits preyed upon by foxes, raccoons, and dogs? _____________

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