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Our subscribers' grade-level estimate for this page: 5th - 6th Volcano Quiz Printout Volcanoes

Circle the right answer:

1. What is the name of molten rock that erupts from volcanoes? MAGMA - LAVA - VENT

2. What is the name of molten rock within the Earth's crust? MAGMA - LAVA - VENT

3. What is the name of the tube through which molten rock flows? PARASITIC - CONDUIT - BASE

4. In which part of the Earth would you find a magma reservoir? CRUST - PARASITIC - CONDUIT

5. Composite volcanoes are made up of layers of lava and ______. CONDUIT - ASH - MAGMA

6. What is the name of a smaller vent-structure on the side of some volcanoes? SUMMIT - MAGMA RESERVOIR - PARASITIC CONE

7. What is the name of the bowl-like opening of a volcano? SILL - CRATER - ASH

8. Are ash clouds emitted from sills? YES - NO

9. What is the name of an opening through which molten rock and gases escape from a volcano? CONDUIT - VENT - FLANK

10. The sides of a volcano are called its flanks. YES - NO

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