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Find it! in All About Whales

Use the section on blue whales in All About Whales to answer the following whale anatomy questions.

1. Is the Blue Whale bigger than any of the dinosaurs were?
2. How big can a Blue Whale get?  
3. Does the Blue Whale have teeth?  
4. What does the Blue Whale eat?  
5. Are Blue Whales louder than jet planes?  
6. During the summer feeding period, how many pounds of food will a Blue Whale eat in a single day?  
7. How big is a newborn Blue Whales baby?  
8. How fast can Blue Whales swim?  
9. Are Blue Whales found only in the Pacific ocean or are they found worldwide?  
10. Adult blue whales have no predators but man, but baby Blue Whales are sometimes hunted by what animal?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: whales, reading, writing, introduction to whale research on the internet

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