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Idaho facts, Map and Symbols
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Idaho flag

Idaho's official flag was adopted in 1907. The flag is deep blue with the state seal in the center surrounded by a yellow band. The seal pictures a man (a miner carrying a pick and wielding a shovel) and a woman (carrying the scales of justice, symbolizing liberty and justice), the motto "ESTO PERPETUA" (meaning "May it endure forever"), two full, yellow cornucopias, an elk head atop a shield (picturing a river, settlers, a fir tree, and mountainous land), a sheaf of grain, green grass, and a blue sky. The flag is surrounded by a yellow fringe on three sides. The state seal was designed by Emma Edwards Green.

Idaho was the 43th state in the USA; it became a state in 1890.

1. What type of antlered animal is pictured on the state seal within Idaho's flag? _______________________________________________________

2. When did Idaho become a state? _______________________________________________________

3. When was Idaho's flag officially adopted? _______________________________

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