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Michigan Facts, Map, and Symbols
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Michigan flag

Michigan's official flag was adopted in 1911. The flag has a deep blue background and pictures an elk and moose around a blue shield labeled "TUEBOR," meaning "I will defend." The shield pictures a man with a raised hand and a gun, a rising sun, a peninsula and lakes (representing Michigan's geography). Over the shield is a bald eagle (holding an olive branch and a sheaf of three arrows) and a red ribbon reading "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (which is the motto of the U.S.A. and means "Out of Many, One" - this refers to the states of the United States being united into one country). Under everything lie two white ribbons that read "SI QUAERIS PENINSULAM AMOENAM" and "CIRCUM SPICE," which means, "If you are seeking an amenable (pleasant) peninsula, look around you."

Michigan was the 26th state in the USA; it became a state in 1837.

1. When did Michigan become a state? _______________________________

2. What type of bird is pictured on this flag? _________________________________________________

3. When was Michigan's flag officially adopted? _______________________________

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