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Grand Union Flag
Grand Union Flag Quiz/Printout
Grand Union Flag

The Grand Union flag was an early US flag that was officially adopted by the Continental Congress in 1775. This flag was first flown in December, 1775, by the Colonial fleet of ships in the Delaware River. On land, it was first flown on January 1, 1776, at George Washington's headquarters near Boston, Massachusetts, when General George Washington took command of the reorganized Continental Army.

This red, white, and blue flag featured 13 red and white stripes (representing the 13 colonies) and pictured a small British Union Jack flag in the canton position (a small square on the top, by the flag pole). This flag represented the Continental Congress for two years, after which it was replaced by Old Glory (the predecessor of our modern flag, featuring 13 stripes and 13 stars).

1. What colors are in this flag? ___________________________________________

2. What do the stripes represent? ______________________

3. In what state was this flag first flown on land? _______________________________

4. Who was in command of the Continental army when this flag first flew over land? _______________________________

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