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Washington State Glossary
Washington State Info.
Use the definitions below to label the Washington state map.
Bellingham - a city in northern Washington.
Canada - a country north of the USA.
Cascade Mountains - an inland mountain range that runs north-south, parallel to the coast of Washington.
Columbia Plateau - an area of high desert in southeastern Washington.
Columbia River - a river that flows from Idaho to northwestern Washington, down through central Washington, and along the Washington-Oregon border to the Pacific Ocean (write it on the map in two different places).
Grand Coulee Dam - a hydroelectric dam on the Columbia River, northwest of Spokane.
Idaho - a US state located just east of Washington.
Mt. Rainier - the tallest mountain in Washington; located southeast of Tacoma.
Mt. St. Helens - An active volcano in southeastern Washington; located south of Mt. Rainier.
Olympia - the capital city of Washington.
Olympic Mountains - a mountain range on the Olympic peninsula in western Washington.
Oregon - A US state located just south of Washington.
Pacific Ocean - a large body of water west of Washington.
Puget Sound - an inlet of the Pacific Ocean in western Washington.
Seattle - the largest city in Washington; it is in western Washington on the eastern shores of Puget Sound.
Snake River - a river that flows from Idaho to southeastern Washington, flowing into the Columbia rIver.
Spokane - a city in eastern Washington.
Strait of Juan de Fuca - the body of water that connects the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound.
Tacoma - a city located between Seattle and Olympia.
TriCities - the region containing the cities of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland, located where the Columbia, Snake and Yakima Rivers meet.
Vancouver - a city in southwestern Washington.
Vancouver Island (Canada) - a large Canadian island; located in the Pacific Ocean west of mainland Canada (and northwest of Washington).
Yakima - a city in south-central Washington; located along the Yakima River.
Yakima River - a river that flows from the Cascade Mountains into the Columbia River.
Wenatchee - a city in central Washington, located east of Seattle and west of Spokane

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