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Indiana Facts, Map and Symbols
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1. What is the capital of Indiana? ____________________________

2. Which of the Great Lakes forms part of the northern border of Indiana? ___________________________

3. Which state borders Indiana to the north? ______________________________________

4. Which state forms most of Indiana's eastern border? _________________________

5. Which state borders Indiana to the south? ___________________________

6. Which state borders Indiana to the west? _____________________________

7. What river forms the southern border of Indiana? ___________________________

8. What river crosses Indiana from east to west and forms part of Indiana's western border? ____________________________________

9. What is the name of the large city in northwestern Indiana that is on the shores of a Great Lake? _____________________________

10. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the US, lived in Indiana for 14 years during his early life. This area is now called Lincoln City. In which part of Indiana is Lincoln City located: northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest? ________________________________

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