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Word Puzzle: Words Containing "ANT"
Your Name___________________________

Each of the words below contains the letter combination "ANT". Use the clues to find each word.

  c o n s t a n t         Never changing.
            a n t         Far away.
            a n t         A purple vegetable.
            a n t         Very old.
            a n t         A baby.
            a n t         Long shorts.
            a n t         Large, gray mammals.
            a n t         The horns of a male deer.
            a n t         Huge.
            a n t         Very bright.
            a n t         A soldier's water bottle.
            a n t         Take apart.
            a n t         Empty.
            a n t         At an angle.
            a n t         Happening immediately.
            a n t         A kitchen closet.
            a n t         Mr. Claus of the North Pole.
            a n t         Ghost.
            a n t         A portable lamp.
            a n t         A black leopard.

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