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Word Puzzle: Words Containing "ITE"
Your Name___________________________
Each of the words below contains the letter combination "ITE". Use the clues to find each word.

        s p i t e         Ill will.
            i t e         An individual unit.
            i t e         A toy that flies.
            i t e         Cuts using teeth.
            i t e         A place where tents are pitched.
            i t e         Joined for a common purpose.
            i t e         A fairy or elf.
            i t e         Catch on fire.
            i t e         Author.
            i t e         Having manners.
            i t e         The color of snow.
            i t e         Say or repeat aloud.
            i t e         To a great degree.
            i t e         A particular area.
            i t e         Anticipated.
            i t e         Went to see.
            i t e         1000 milliliters.
            i t e         Restricted in amount or size.
            i t e         Rotated around another body.
            i t e         A building's designer.

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