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Word Puzzle: Words Containing "THE"
Your Name___________________________

Each of the words below contains the letter combination "THE". Use the clues to find each word.

      m o t h e r         A close female relative.
          t h e           The outer covering of birds.
          t h e           With another person.
          t h e           Where to see a play.
          t h e           Male siblings.
          t h e           Take a bath.
          t h e           Feel hatred.
          t h e           Those people.
          t h e           You wear these.
          t h e           The crime of stealing.
          t h e           A black leopard.
          t h e           An annoyance or nuisance.
          t h e           That place.
          t h e           An official national song.
          t h e           Bring together or accumulate.
          t h e           Mother's husband.
          t h e           Rain, snow, sun, wind?
          t h e           Not one nor the other.
          t h e           Suds.
          t h e           Real.

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