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Christmas Pages
Word Puzzle: Words Containing Letters from "Christmas Greeting"
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Each of the words below contains some letters from "Christmas Greeting". Use the clues to find each word.

  c             g         Go from house to house singing Christmas songs in a group.
  h             r         An evergreen tree that has red berries and glossy leaves.
  r             e         A dense, sweet cake that contains a lot of dried fruit.
  i             e         A Christmas song about having fun on a one-horse open sleigh.
  s             t         Having the most snow.
  t           i           Customs that are followed from generation to generation.
    m         n           These keep your hands warm in winter and are often knitted.
    a         g           Covering a present with decorative paper.
    s         s           You wear these on your feet to let you glide on ice.

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