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Classroom Activities for Beginning Readers Using Little Explorers
Wild Weather
A Scavenger Hunt Using the Little Explorers Online Picture Dictionary

K-1 Wild Weather Quiz Activity Instructions:
Depending on the level of the students, you can have them tell you the answers out loud (after raising their hand), or have them write the answers down, copying the words from the dictionary. If you like, you can keep score of which person (or group) finds the most answers.
This is a dictionary "scavenger hunt," a simple activity for children who are starting to be familiar with the alphabet and the sounds the letters make.

The students will do their work at a computer (or in small groups of 2 to 3 students at a computer). The teacher asks the students (some of) the questions listed below.

To answer the questions, the students must go to the right page in the dictionary by clicking on the correct letter at the top of the Little Explorers page. They will then look at the pictures on the page to answer the question.

Here are the Wild Weather questions (this may be too many questions for one session):

1. Sometimes it is hot outside, sometimes it is cold. Sometimes it is dry and sometimes it is wet. Sometimes the air is still, and sometimes it is breezy. When we describe the conditions outside, what is it called? It starts with a "W." Answer: Weather

2. When water falls from clouds onto the Earth, what is it called? It starts with an "R." Answer: Rain

3. When it is very cold outside, fluffy, frozen water may fall from clouds in the sky. It starts with "S." What is it called? Answer: Snow

4. When it is extremely cold outside, the top layer of lakes and ponds will freeze over. What is the word for frozen water? It starts with "I." Answer: Ice

5. Sometimes, when it is cool outside, frozen, hard balls fall from clouds. What are these balls called? They start with "H" and are made out of frozen water. Answer: Hail

6. What warms up the surface of the Earth? It starts with an "S." Answer: Sun

7. What is the name of the device that is used to measure temperature? It starts with "T." Answer: Thermometer

8. What is it called when air moves across the Earth? It starts with "W." Answer: Wind

9. What is the name of the device that is sent high into the atmosphere to measure temperature, wind speed, air pressure, and other things? It starts with a "W." Answer: Weather balloon

10. What is the name of a simple device that lets us know which way the wind is blowing? It starts with "W." Answer: Weather vane

11. What is the name of a puffy thing that moves across the sky? It is made out of water that is in a gaseous state. It starts with "C." Answer: Cloud

12. Sometimes, if the Sun is shining while it rains, you can see a huge arc of colors across the sky. What is it called? It starts with an "R." Answer: Rainbow

13. Sometimes, when wind goes around in a circle, it goes faster and faster until it is a very destructive force. What is it called? It starts with "T." Answer: Tornado or Twister

14. What is another name for this type of rapidly-spinning air? It starts with "C." Answer: Cyclone

15. Another type of storm is very wet and very windy. It comes from above the tropical oceans and goes onto land, causing a lot of destruction. It starts with "H." What is it called? Answer: Hurricane

16. This type of storm is very noisy and has very bright flashes of light. What is this storm called? It starts with "T." Answer: Thunderstorm

17. These are bright flashes of light and electricity that come from the sky to the ground. They are very dangerous and can make a loud, scary sound. What are these bright flashes called? It starts with "L." Answer: Lightning

18. This type of storm is very windy and very dry. It carries bits of dust across the land. What is this storm called? It starts with "D." Answer: Dust Storm

19. Water is constantly recycled on Earth. Water falls from the clouds onto the Earth. It flows in rivers into the oceans. The water evaporates and turns into clouds, which will make rain again. What is this cycle called? It starts with "W." Answer: Water cycle

Level: Grades K-1 Subject: weather, the alphabet, the sounds of the letters, introduction to the Internet

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