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Geography "Look It Up" Quiz Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Word Question Answer
1. continent How many continents are there? _____________________________
2. ocean About how much of the Earth do the oceans cover? _____________________________
3. latitude What is the latitude of the North Pole? _____________________________
4. longitude What is the longitude of the Midway Islands? _____________________________
5. equator The equator is halfway between which two places? _____________________________
6. Europe Is Europe in the Northern or the Southern Hemisphere? _____________________________
7. Africa Egypt is in what part of Africa? _____________________________
8. Antarctica Which pole is near the middle of the continent of Antarctica? _____________________________
9. Asia Is Asia the biggest or the second-biggest continent? _____________________________
10. Australia What is the capital of Australia? _____________________________
11. South America What ocean borders South America on the east? _____________________________
12. North America Name a country in North America that starts with an "M". _____________________________
13. North Pole Is there ice over ocean or is there a continent at the North Pole? _____________________________
14. South Pole Is there ice over ocean or is there a continent at the South Pole? _____________________________
15. Southern Ocean The Southern Ocean surrounds which continent? _____________________________
16. Arctic Ocean Is the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole or the South Pole? _____________________________
17. Atlantic Ocean The Atlantic Ocean separates Europe and Africa from what continents? _____________________________
18. Pacific Ocean Is the Pacific the largest or the second-largest ocean on Earth? _____________________________
19. Indian Ocean What continent borders the Indian Ocean to the north? _____________________________
20. globe What shape is a globe? _____________________________

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