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US Holiday "Look It Up" Quiz Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Word or Name Question Answer
1. Arbor Day What type of life form is celebrated on Arbor Day? _____________________________
2. Columbus, Christopher Columbus Day is celebrated in October. Which ocean did Columbus cross? _____________________________
3. Earth Day In which season is Earth Day celebrated? _____________________________
4. Flag Day On what day is US Flag Day celebrated each year? _____________________________
5. Groundhog Day On Groundhog Day, if the groundhog sees his shadow, what is that supposed to predict? _____________________________
6. Halloween In what month is Halloween celebrated? _____________________________
7. Independence Day In the USA, American celebrate their independence from which country? _____________________________
8. King Jr., Martin Luther When was Martin Luther King, Jr., born? _____________________________
9. Kwanzaa What does the word Kwanzaa mean in the Swahili language? _____________________________
10. New Year How many weeks are there in a year? _____________________________
11. President's Day Which US president is honored on President's Day? _____________________________
12. St. Patrick's Day Which country's heritage is celebrated on St. Patrick's Day? _____________________________
13. Thanksgiving What is the name of the Native American tribe that shared the first Thanksgiving feast with the Pilgrims? _____________________________
14. Valentine's Day Name three things that people give each other on Valentine's Day. _____________________________
15. Veteran's Day What is the original name of Veteran's Day? _____________________________

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