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U.S. History "Look It Up" Quiz Name_______________________________________

Look up the following words in the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the questions.

Look up this Entry Question Answer
1. Adams, John Was John Adams second, third, or fourth president of the USA? _____________________________
2. Anthony, Susan B. Anthony worked for this. _____________________________
3. Appleseed, Johnny What was Appleseed's real name? _____________________________
4. Armstrong, Neil Armstrong was the first person to do this. _____________________________
5. bald eagle What is this bird the symbol of? _____________________________
6. Carver, George Washington This scientist, who revolutionized agriculture, was born into _______ . _____________________________
7. Columbus, Christopher When he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, Columbus was looking for a route to which continent? _____________________________
8. Delaware Delaware was to first state to ratify what? _____________________________
9. Edison, Thomas Edison is most famous for improving which device? _____________________________
10. Franklin, Benjamin In addition to his many other contributions, Franklin is also famous for inventing what type of glasses? _____________________________
11. Hawaii When did Hawaii become a US state? _____________________________
12. Independence Day On this holiday, Americans celebrate their independence from what country? _____________________________
13. Jefferson, Thomas Was Jefferson the second, third, or fourth president of the USA? _____________________________
14. King Jr., Martin Luther King devoted his life to working for this. _____________________________
15. Lewis and Clark What was the name of Lewis and Clark's Indian guide? _____________________________

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