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Butterfly Find It! Quiz Name________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.

The Word Starts With this Letter Hint Answer
I Butterflies belong to this group of animals that have a three-part body and an exoskeleton. _____________________________
E An adult female butterfly lays these on leaves - they will eventually hatch. _____________________________
C A butterfly egg hatches into this. _____________________________
L This is another word for a newly-hatched butterfly egg. _____________________________
L A caterpillar likes to eat this. _____________________________
P A grown caterpillar eventually goes into a quiet state and is called a __________. _____________________________
B A chrysalis emerges as a ____. _____________________________
W Butterflies fly using these. _____________________________
A Butterflies have two of these long, sensory appendages on their head. _____________________________
T Butterflies have this number of body parts. _____________________________

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