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Crayfish Find It! Quiz Name________________________________
Use the Little Explorers picture dictionary to answer the following questions.
The Word Starts With this Letter Hint Answer
C This animal is a freshwater crustacean we are studying! _____________________________
C This animal has a hard shell and eyes on stalks on its head. It is related to a crayfish. _____________________________
L This animal lives on the ocean floor and has five pairs of legs. It is related to a crayfish. _____________________________
L This state has crayfish as its state crustacean. _____________________________
S This small animal lives in the water. It is related to crayfish. _____________________________
S This is a warm, wet forested area that is teeming with both animal and plant life. Crayfish live here. _____________________________
R This is a large, flowing body of water that usually empties into a sea or ocean. Crayfish live here. _____________________________
P This is a small body of water surrounded by land. Crayfish live here. _____________________________
E This long thin fish eats crayfish. _____________________________
S This long thin reptile eats crayfish. _____________________________
H This tall birds eats crayfish. _____________________________
O This brown, furry animal eats crayfish. _____________________________
P This is my trick question! This animal eats crayfish. You are one! _____________________________
P This is a very tiny swimming animal that is eaten by crayfish. _____________________________
W This is a wiggly animal eaten by crayfish. _____________________________
S This is a small slow animal with a shell on its back. It is eaten by crayfish. _____________________________
O This type of animal eats both plants and animals; crayfish are this type of animal. _____________________________

This quiz was written by Laura Edeen from San Francisco. Back to classroom activities for

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