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Label Bicycle Diagram

Using the terms listed below, label the bicycle diagram.
Inventions and Inventors
Bicycle to label

brake lever - the hand lever used to activate the brakes.
chain - it transfers the energy from the motion of the pedals to the back wheel.
chain wheel - the large wheel on which the chain is held, near the pedals.
down tube - the tube that attaches the.
front brake - it stops the front wheel.
front fork - it attached the front wheel to the bicycle.
front reflector - a safety device in the front of the bike that lets cars see you at night.
handlebar stem - this supports the handlebar.
handlebars - where you hold onto the bicycle to steer it.
hub - the central part of a wheel.
pedal - where your feet go to power the bicycle.
rear brake - it stops the rear wheel.
rear reflector - a safety device in the back of the bike that lets cars see you at night.
rim - the support of the wheel.
saddle - the seat.
seat tube - the tube that supports the seat post.
seat post - it supports the seat.
shift levers - the levers on the handlebars used to shift gears.
spokes - the thin, metal wires that attach the rim to the wheel hub.
tire - the inflated, rubber part of the wheel.
top tube - the tube that attaches the handlebar stem to the seat post.

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