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J. S. Bach Quiz
More Music Activities

Read the page on J. S. Bach, then answer the following questions.

1. In what year was Bach born?______________________

2. In which country did Bach spend his entire life?__________________________________

3. Bach was best known for his performances on which musical instrument?_______________________________

4. How many children did Bach have?______________________________

5. How many times was Bach married?______________________________________

6. Was Bach a composer of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or the Baroque period?______________________________________

7. Did Bach compose the Goldberg Variations during his early career or later in life?______________________________________

8. What was Bach's last major composition?______________________________________

9. In which German city did Bach live during his last decades?_______________________________________

10. Which of Bach's pieces was performed in 1829, spurring a world-wide interest in his works?______________________________________

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