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Label Central America
Geography Printouts
Label the biggest countries of Central America (and the bordering oceans) on the map below.

Central America label
Countries in Central America

Belize - a country in Central America at the southeast border of Mexico and northeast of Guatemala.
Costa Rica - a country just north of Panama.
El Salvador - a country in Central America that is south of Guatemala and Honduras.
Guatemala - a country in Central America south of Mexico and west of Belize.
Honduras - a country northeast of Nicaragua.
Nicaragua - a country just north of Costa Rica.
Panama - a country at the southernmost tip of Central America.
Other Features

Atlantic Ocean - the ocean east of Central America.
Colombia - a country in northwestern South America; it is southeast of Panama.
Lake Nicaragua - a large lake in Nicaragua.
Mexico - a country southwest of the USA and north of Guatemala and Belize.
Pacific Ocean - the ocean west of Central America.
Panama Canal - a man-made canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

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