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Map of Panama: Label Me!
Map of Panama: Glossary of Major Cities, Nearby Countries, and Bodies of Water
Geography Printouts
Panama's Flag

Baru Volcano - the tallest peak (11,401 feet, 3475 m tall) in Panama, located in far western Panama.
Caribbean Sea - the sea to the north of Panama (part of the Atlantic Ocean).
Colombia - a country that borders Panama to the southeast.
Colon - a city located in central Panama, by the north end of the Panama Canal.
Costa Rica - a country that borders Panama to the northwest.
David - a city in western Panama, south of Baru Volcano.
Golfo de Chiriqui - a gulf off southwestern Panama.
Golfo de los Mosquitos - a large gulf off northern Panama, west of the canal
Gulf of Panamá - a gulf off southern Panama, by the southern side of the canal.
Isla Coiba - a large island off southwestern Panama.
La Palma - a city in eastern Panama.
Pacific Ocean - the ocean to the south of Panama.
Panamá - the capital city of Panama, located in south-central Panama, by the southeastern end of the canal.
Panama Canal - the man-made canal that cuts through Panama, connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea (part of the Atlantic Ocean).
Peninsula de Azuero - a peninsula of southern Panama, west of the canal.

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