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Haiti's Flag
Haitian Flag Quiz/Printout
Haiti's Flag

The flag of the Republic of Haiti was adopted on May 18, 1803. Haiti had been a colony of France since 1697, but the people rebelled in 1803 and Haiti achieved independence on January 1, 1804.

The Haitian flag is a red and blue bicolor; for state occasions, the Arms of Haiti are added to the center of the flag on a white background. The colors red and blue were chosen from the French flag. The Haitian arms depict a royal palm in the center topped with a red and blue cap of liberty. There are also six blue and red flags, two smaller red banners on the sides, many weapons (rifles with bayonettes, two yellow cannons and many cannonballs), a drum, an anchor, green grass, and a white banner reading "L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE," meaning "Union is Strength."

Haiti is located in the Caribbean Sea. Christopher Columbus sailed to Hispaniola in 1492. Haiti and the Dominican Republic constitute the island of Hispaniola, located east of Cuba; Haiti occupies the western third of the island. Haiti's capital city is Port-au-Prince.

1. What are the two major colors in this flag?____________________________

2. When was this flag adopted? ____________________________

3. When did Haiti become independent from France? ____________________________

4. In which sea is Haiti located? ____________________________

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