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Flag of Norway
Flag of Norway Quiz/Printout
Norway's Flag

The flag of Norway is a red, white, and blue Scandinavian cross (off-center cross) design. The ratio of the Norwegian flag's height to its width is 8:11.

Denmark had ruled Norway from the 1300s until 1814, when Sweden united with Norway. Norway's flag was adopted on July 17, 1821, during the period when Norway was united with Sweden. The Norwegian flag depicts the flag of Denmark with a blue cross added. The colors were chosen from the French flag as a symbol of liberty and revolution. Norway became an independent kingdom in 1905.

1. What colors are in the flag of Norway?____________________________

2. From which country's flag were these colors taken?____________________________

3. When was this flag officially adopted? ____________________________

4. Is this design of this flag a Scandinavian cross or a horizontal tricolor? ____________________________

5. When did Norway become an independent kingdom? ____________________________________

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