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The Red Wolf is a fast-running, territorial carnivore (meat-eater). These social mammals live and hunt in small packs. The red wolf is an endangered species of wolf from the Eastern USA. Red wolves were on the verge of extinction during the early 1900's, due to loss of habitat and hunting by farmers; these wolves may be starting to recover. Red wolves mate for life and have 2 to 6 pups each spring.

Howling: Wolves howl as a signal to other wolves, telling of the beginning and ending of a hunt, of a wolf separated from its pack, as a warning to other wolf packs, and simply for the fun of it.

Anatomy: Red Wolves have a reddish coat that varies from light brown to almost black. Smaller than the closely-related gray wolf, the red wolf has long legs, long ears, a narrow head, and strong jaws with sharp teeth, including long canine teeth which tear flesh. Adults weigh from 45 to 80 pounds (20-36 kg). They have very good eyesight, acute hearing, and a keen sense of smell.

Hunting and Diet: Wolves hunt in packs and often prey upon animals that are much larger that they are. Red wolves mostly eat white-tailed deer and raccoons, but will eat almost anything, including birds, fish, snakes, lizards, and fruit. Wolves almost never attack people. They swallow food in large chunks, barely chewing it. When they return from the hunt, wolves regurgitate some of the food for the pups.

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