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Argentina's Flag
Argentina's Flag Quiz/Printout
Argentina's Flag

Argentina's flag is a light blue and white triband with a yellow "Sun of May" in the center. The flag is twice as wide as it is tall.

This flag was adopted on February 12, 1812, four years before Argentina declared independence from Spain (1816). The "Sun of May" design was added to the flag in 1818.

The blue and white colors were chosen by Manuel Belgrano, the leader of the Argentinian revolution against Spain, and represent the blue sky parting to reveal white clouds, as is said to have happened when the Liberation demonstration began in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on May 25, 1810. Argentina's Flag Day is celebrated on 20th June, the anniversary of Belgrano's death.

1. What colors are in this flag? ________________________

2. What does the white color stand for? ________________________

3. What is the name of the design in the center of the flag? ____________________________

4. In what year did Argentina achieve independence from Spain? __________________________

5. When was this flag adopted? _____________________________

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