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Venezuela's Flag
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Venezuela's Flag Quiz/Printout
Venezuela's Flag

Venezuela's flag is a yellow, blue, and red horizontal tricolor with eight white stars in a semicircle in the center and the coat of arms on the yellow stripe on the hoist side. The Venezuelan independence leader Francisco de Miranda designed the basic tricolor flag in 1806. Seven stars were added in 1836; they represent the seven provinces that supported Venezuela's independence in 1830. The eighth star, the "Bolívar Star," was added in 2006 to honor Simón Bolívar. The red in the flag represents courage and the blue represents Venezuela's independence from Spain.

The current version of this flag was adopted on March 12, 2006. The flag has a height-to-width ratio of 2:3.

1. How many stars are pictured on the Venezuelan flag? ________________________

2. What do these stars represent? ___________________________________________________

3. From which country did Venezuela become independent? ____________________________

4. Is this flag a horizontal tricolor or a vertical tricolor? __________________________

5. When was this flag adopted? _____________________________

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