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Label Australia

Label the states, territories, capital, etc., of Australia on the map below

Geography Printouts

Australia label

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - Canberra is the capital city of Australia - located in the southeast of Australia in the Australian Capital Territory.
Coral Sea - The sea to the northeast of Australia.
Great Barrier Reef - A huge coral reef off the northeastern coast of Australia.
Indian Ocean - The ocean that borders Australia on the west.
New South Wales - A state in southeastern Australia.
Northern Territory - A territory in north central Australia.
Queensland - A state in northeastern Australia.
South Australia - A state in south central Australia.
Tasmania - An Australian state and an island off the southeastern coast of continental Australia.
Tasman Sea - The sea to the southeast of Australia.
Victoria - A state in far southeastern Australia.
Western Australia - A large state in western Australia.

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