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(pronounced KAR-no-TAWR-us) Carnotaurus (meaning "flesh-eating bull") was an unusual-looking meat-eating dinosaur. It lived from the mid to late Cretaceous period, about 113 to 91 million years ago

Anatomy: Carnotaurus was about 25 feet (7.5 m) long and weighed about 1 ton (1000 kg). This theropod had 2 brow-horns (hence its name), extremely tiny arms (even smaller than those of Tyrannosaurids), and a long, thin tail. It may have had partial binocular vision (unlike most other dinosaurs) since its eyes were set facing slightly forwards.

Fossils: Carnotaurus' almost complete fossilized skeleton, together with skin impressions (that reveal rows of bumps on rough skin), have been found in Patagonia, South America. It was named by paleontologist J. Bonaparte in 1985. The type species is C. sastrei.

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