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Ring of Fire:
Label Me! Answers
Label The Ring of Fire: Continental Plates
Label the continental plates near the Ring of Fire on the map below.

Label Ring of Fire

This is a thumbnail of the Ring of Fire map. The full-size printout is available only to site members.

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Antarctic Plate - the plate around the South Polar region.
Caribbean Plate - the small plate underlying the Caribbean Sea.
Cocos Plate - the small plate south of Mexico
Eurasian Plate - the plate under Asia and Europe.
Indo-Australian Plate - the plate beneath Australia, the eastern Indian Ocean, and the southwestern Pacific Ocean
Nazca Plate - the small plate just west of South America.
North American Plate - the plate underlying North America
Pacific Plate - the plate beneath most of the Pacific Ocean.
Philippine Plate - the small plate under the western Pacific Ocean (north of Australia).
South American Plate - the plate underlying South America.

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