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Dont Tread on Me Flag
Dont Tread on Me Flag Quiz/Printout
Dont Tread on Me Flag

"Don't Tread on Me" was an early American flag picturing a rattlesnake and the motto "Dont Tread on Me." On a field of yellow, a rattlesnake is coiled on a patch of green. The rattlesnake was used in early American history as a symbol of resistance against British rule.

This historic US flag is also called the Gadsden flag, named for its designer, Colonel Christopher Gadsden. Gadsden was American patriot from South Carolina who submitted this design to the Provincial Congress in South Carolina. A very similar flag (with a red and white striped background) was flown by Commodore Esek Hopkins on his battleship in 1776, when Hopkins was attacking and capturing British armaments in the Bahamas). This was the beginning of the sea-going American navy and the start of the Corps of Marines. The Marines of the Continental Navy also painted the "Dont Tread on Me" design on their battle drums.

1. What type of snake is pictured in this flag? ___________________________________________

2. When was this flag first flown by the American military? ______________________

3. Who designed this flag? _______________________________

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