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Flag of Iceland Quiz/Printout


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The flag of Iceland has been used since 1913. It was officially adopted on June 19, 1915 (when Iceland was a territory of Denmark). On June 17, 1944, Iceland became an independent republic, and the flag was again chosen to symbolize the Republic of Iceland.

The Icelandic flag is a Scandinavian cross, with fire-red off-set cross outlined in snow-white on a deep sky-blue field. The flag is a reverse color image of the Flag of Norway (the reds and blues are reversed - the white stays the same). The ratio of the flag's width to length is 25:18.

1. What colors are in the Icelandic flag?____________________________

2. In what year was this flag first used? ____________________________

3. Iceland's flag is the reverse color of the flag of what country? ____________________________

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