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Label the Chicken Egg (10 days old)

Label a 10-day old chicken embryo in egg.
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Label chicken embryo

air cell - a space at the large end of the egg, between the inner and outer shell membranes.
albumin - the egg white. It provides protein and water for the embryo and protects it from microorganisms.
allantois - a sack that holds some of the embryo's waste. It is attached to the embryo near the legs.
amnion - a membrane that surrounds the embryo, protecting it from dehydration (losing water) and shock.
eggshell - the hard, protective coating of the egg. It is semi-permeable; it lets gas exchange occur, but keeps other substances from entering the egg. It is made of calcium carbonate.
embryo - the developing chick inside the egg.
eye - large and prominent on the head.
inner shell membrane - the thin membrane located between the outer shell membrane and the albumin.
leg - one of the lower limbs of the chick.
outer shell membrane - the thin membrane located just inside the shell.
tail - located at the far end (the posterior) of the embryo.
wing - one of the upper limbs of the chick.
yolk - the yellow part of the egg; it contains nourishment (food) for the embryo.

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