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Minnesota Facts, Map, and Symbols
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1. What is the capital of Minnesota? ____________________________

2. Which country borders Minnesota to the north? ___________________________

3. Which of the Great Lakes forms part of the northeastern border of Minnesota? ______________________________________

4. What US state borders Minnesota to the east? _________________________

5. What US state borders Minnesota to the south? ___________________________

6. What two US states border Minnesota to the west? ___________________________ and ___________________________

7. What river forms the northwestern border of Minnesota? ____________________________________

8. What is the name of the large city near the southwestern end of Lake Superior? ____________________________________

9. Minnesota has more than 12,000 lakes; they were made as glaciers gouged the ground during the last Ice Age. One of these lakes, Lake Itasca, is the source of the biggest river in the USA. What is the name of this river? ________________________________________

10. What is the name of the national park in northern Minnesota? It was named for the French-Canadian canoemen-fur traders who were the first Europeans to live in this area. _________________________________________

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