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Mexican States:
Label Me! Answers
Label: The States of Mexico
Los Estados de México

Label Mexico's states on the map below.

Label states of Mexico

This is a thumbnail of the Label states of Mexico map. The full-size printout is available only to site members.

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AGS Aguascalientes
BCA Baja California
BCS Baja California Sur
CAM Campeche
CHI Chiapas
CHH Chihuahua
COA Coahuila
COL Colima
DIF Distrito Federal
DGO Durango
GRO Guerrero
GTO Guanajuato
HGO Hidalgo
JAL Jalisco
MEX México
MIC Michoacán
MOR Morelos
NAY Nayarit
NLE Nuevo León
OAX Oaxaca
PUE Puebla
QRO Querétaro
ROO Quintana Roo
SIN Sinaloa
SLP San Luis Potosí
SON Sonora
TAB Tabasco
TAM Tamaulipas
TLA Tlaxcala
VER Veracruz
YUC Yucatán
ZAC Zacatecas

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