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Circle the right answer:

1. Many tsunamis are caused by ______. TIDES - STORMS - EARTHQUAKES

2. The word tsunami is from a _____ word. INDONESIAN - INDIAN - JAPANESE - ITALIAN

3. Most tsunamis occur in the _________ ATLANTIC OCEAN - PACIFIC OCEAN - INDIAN OCEAN

4. A tsunami starts when a huge volume of ___ is quickly shifted. AIR - ROCKS - WATER

5. In the deep ocean, tsunamis are ______. BARELY NOTICEABLE WAVES - WHITE CAPPED WAVES - HUGE WAVES

6. Does every underwater earthquake cause a tsunami? YES - NO

7. Can an underwater rock slide cause a tsunami? YES - NO

8. The fastest tsunami can travel as fast as a ___. HORSE - CAR - JET - BEAM OF LIGHT

9. The top of a wave is called the _____. CREST - TROUGH - MEDIAN

10. The bottom of a wave is called the _____. CREST - TROUGH - MEDIAN
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