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US States and their Capitals
USA Label Me! Printouts

On the Label Me! map, label the state capitals, the capital of the USA (Washington D.C.), the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, Canada, and Mexico.
Alabama (Montgomery)

Alaska (Juneau)

Arizona (Phoenix)

Arkansas (Little Rock)

California (Sacramento)

Colorado (Denver)

Connecticut (Hartford)

Delaware (Dover)

Florida (Tallahassee)

Georgia (Atlanta)

Hawaii (Honolulu)

Idaho (Boise)

Illinois (Springfield)

Indiana (Indianapolis)

Iowa (Des Moines)

Kansas (Topeka)

Kentucky (Frankfort)

Louisiana (Baton Rouge)

Maine (Augusta)

Maryland (Annapolis)

Massachusetts (Boston)

Michigan (Lansing)

Minnesota (St. Paul)

Mississippi (Jackson)

Missouri (Jefferson City)

Montana (Helena)

Nebraska (Lincoln)

Nevada (Carson City)

New Hampshire (Concord)

New Jersey (Trenton)

New Mexico (Santa Fe)

New York (Albany)

North Carolina (Raleigh)

North Dakota (Bismarck)

Ohio (Columbus)

Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)

Oregon (Salem)

Pennsylvania (Harrisburg)

Rhode Island (Providence)

South Carolina (Columbia)

South Dakota (Pierre)

Tennessee (Nashville)

Texas (Austin)

Utah (Salt Lake City)

Vermont (Montpelier)

Virginia (Richmond)

Washington (Olympia)

West Virginia (Charleston)

Wisconsin (Madison)

Wyoming (Cheyenne)

Washington, District of Columbia is the capital of the USA.

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