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The Emperor's New Clothes
The Emperor's New Clothes Activities

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Once upon a time, there was a vain and silly EmperorEmperor who ruled the landTown. The EmperorEmperor loved clothing more than anything else. He ignored the duties of ruling the country and spent most of his time buying new suitsSuit of clothesClothes, trying them on, and having official parades in which he showed off his clothesClothes.

The Emperor'sEmperor vanity was known far and wide across the land. Two scoundrels from a distant townTown heard about the silly EmperorEmperor and devised a clever plan to fool him. The scoundrels made a loom from wood Wood and went to the EmperorEmperor pretending to be weavers and tailors.

The scoundrels told the EmperorEmperor, "We know a secret way to make a magicalMagic Wand, goldenGold clothfabric that is the most beautiful clothfabric ever created. The patterns are so intricate that they will make you swoon with disbelief. And the fabricfabric is as light a feather feather. But, this incredible clothfabric is only visibleEye to peoplepeople who are wise and worthy; it is fit only for rulers who are worthy of their office -- foolsJester-Fool cannot even seeEye this magicalMagic Wand clothfabric. If you would like, Sire, we could weave you some of this magicalMagic Wand clothfabric and make you a suitSuit of clothesClothes that is suitable for a manMan of your distinction. It will take us a week."Week

The EmperorEmperor said, "Yes, of course I want a suitSuit made from this magicalMagic Wand clothfabric. You must begin at once." The EmperorEmperor ran off and began planning a parade to show off the new outfit he would soon have. Soon the whole townTown was excited about the Emperor'sEmperor new magicalMagic Wand suitSuit of clothesClothes.

The crooks gave the Emperor'sEmperor menManManMan a list of supplies they would need, including many chests full of goldGold and spools of fine silk threadthreadthread. After the goldGold and silk arrived, the scoundrels set up their loom in a room in the castleCastle and pretended to weave, using make-believe invisible threadempty spool.

After a few days Week, the EmperorEmperor sent his Prime MinisterMan to check on the progress of the weavers. The Prime MinisterMan entered the room but couldn't seeEye any magicalMagic Wand threadempty spool or magicalMagic Wand clothfabric. The scoundrels were busy measuring Ruler and cuttingScissors and sewingSewing the invisible clothfabric. The Prime MinisterMan was very upset about this, and was afraid that he must be a foolJester-Fool and unworthy of his office because he couldn't seeEye the magicalMagic Wand clothfabric. When he reported back to the EmperorEmperor, he lied and said that the magicalMagic Wand fabricfabric had a pattern so beautiful that no words that could describe it and that the colors were brighter than a rainbowScissors. The EmperorEmperor was very happy and could hardly wait for his new suitSuit.

In a few more days Week, the Emperor'sEmperor new suitSuit was finished. The EmperorEmperor and his menManManMan happily entered the room. Neither the EmperorEmperor nor his menManManMan could seeEye the magicalMagic Wand clothingClothes. But each person was afraid to admit it because that would mean he was foolish and unworthy of his position. So everyone said that the clothesClothes were beautiful and amazing, even though no one could see a thing.

The scoundrels told the EmperorEmperor to undressEmperor in underwear, and he did. Then the crooks pretended to dress him in the magicalMagic Wand clothesClothes. They carefully dressed the Emperor in the invisible pantsPants, shirtShirt, and cloak. When they were done, each of the Emperor's menManManMan congratulated him on his beautiful new suitSuit, and the EmperorEmperor in underwear nodded in agreement -- but the EmperorEmperor in underwear was only wearing his underwearunderwear.

The EmperorEmperor in underwear and his menManManMan left the castleCastle and headed the parade that was walking through the townTown. He was very proud of his new, magicalMagic Wand suitSuit. At first, peoplepeople gasped when they saw a nearly-naked EmperorEmperor in underwear walking through the townTown. Then they remembered that only foolsJester-Fool couldn't seeEye these magicalMagic Wand clothesClothes, so they began cheering and congratulating the EmperorEmperor in underwear on a magnificent suitSuit of clothesClothes.

Suddenly, one small childGirl spoke the truth. She pointedpoint at the EmperorEmperor in underwear and said, "The EmperorEmperor in underwear is only wearing his underwear."underwear Everyone in the crowdFamily gasped. They knew it was true, and all cried out, "The EmperorEmperor in underwear is only wearing his underwear."underwear The EmperorEmperor in underwear turned red with embarrassment but wouldn't admit that he had been fooled. He continued with the silly parade and eventually went back to his castle,Castle where he put on some clothesClothes.


The moral of the story:
Think for yourself. Don't be pressured or scared into going along with things that you know aren't right.

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