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Flu Page
Flu Quiz
Flu Read-and-Answer Worksheet
Glossary of Flu-Related Terms Human Anatomy

contagious - A contagious disease is one that can spread from person to person. The flu is contagious.

dehydration - Dehydration is when you do not have enough water in your body. Make sure to drink plenty of liquids when you have a cold or flu.

epidemic - An epidemic is an outbreak of a disease that spreads quickly. Flu epidemics occur regularly.

fever - A fever is an abnormally high body temperature. Normal body temperature is about 98.6°F. A fever is a symptom of many illnesses, including the flu.

flu - The flu is a contagious viral respiratory infection that feels like a severe cold. The symptoms of the flu include high fever (over 100 °F), cough, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, muscle pain, and weakness. The flu is also called influenza.

germ - Germ is an informal term that refers to a tiny organism that causes a disease or other problems, such as a bacterium, virus, and others.

immune system - Your immune system protects you from many infections. When a foreign organism enters your body, your immune system recognizes the invading organism, and destroys it in order to protect you. Most people's immune system protects them from the flu.

incubation period - The incubation period is the time between being infected by a disease and showing symptoms. During the incubation period you do not feel sick, but you can often spread the illness to others.

infection - An infection results when microorganisms (such as viruses or bacteria) enter your body and reproduce. The flu results when the influenza virus invades your nose, throat, and lungs.

precautions - Precautions are things you can do to help prevent bad things from happening. Some precautions that help stop the spread of the flu are:

influenza - Influenza is the formal word for flu.

microorganism - A microorganism (also called a microbe) is a microscopic (or sub-microscopic) organism, such as a bacterium, virus, and others.

mutate - To mutate is to undergo a change. Viruses mutate frequently as they reproduce, SInce their genetic makeup is slightly different all the time, creating flu vaccines is a continual challenge.

respiratory system - The respiratory system is the system in the body that takes in oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. Our respiratory system consists of the lungs and airways. The flu virus infects the respiratory system.

RNA - RNA (which is short for ribonucleic acid) is genetic material found in cells. RNA contains the codes for protein synthesis (making proteins) in the cell.

strain - A strain is a particular type of related organisms. Different strains of flu viruses have different rate of contagiousness and cause different death rates among people.

symptom - A symptom is an abnormal functioning of the body that indicates that you may have an illness. The symptoms of the flu include high fever (over 100 °F), cough, sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, muscle pain, and weakness.

hypodermic needlevaccine - A vaccine is a medical preparation that gives you immunity to a specific disease. There are flu vaccines that help protect people from certain strains of the flu. See your doctor for advice about vaccinations.

virulent - Virulent means being very infectious or having a very harmful effect. Some viruses are more virulent than others and kill more people.

virus - A virus is a simple microorganism that cannot reproduce unless it is in a cell it has invaded. A virus consists of genetic material (RNA or DNA) with a protein coating. Viruses cause colds, chickenpox, measles, mumps, flu, and many other diseases. The flu virus consists of RNA encapsulated with protein.

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Comprehension Quiz Worksheet

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The Flu:
Printable Read-and-Answer Worksheet

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The Flu:
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All About the Flu
A Printable Book

A printable book about the flu for fluent readers. The pages include: What is the Flu?, How the Flu Spreads, The Incubation Period, How to Avoid the Flu, Recovery, Glossary, and Questions.

Reference: "What is the flu?" From the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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