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The World's Best Dogs! August - December 2001

Hi iI'm Victoria! I wanted to tell you about my 7 year old Australian Shepard/Spitz Mix. He's so sweet and very protective. He likes dog treats and loves to play with my cat Ebby.
December 29,2001

Hi my name is Kelly my dog Shadow is an 11th month old black lab puppy .His sister lives next door from us.He is pure bread And very very very very cute .
Dec. 24, 2001

Hi my name is James and I live live in Lawndale,California.Here's my dog Louie and he's 11 month's old.he's a shepherd mix.he's my best dog because he's the only one I had and he's cute!
Dec. 13, 2001

Hi! I have cute little dog named Zam .He is the best dog in the whole wide solar sistem . I have a little hamster Named Buddy hes the best hamster in the solar sistem. my dog is 4 witch in dog ages is 28. He is so cute and wild . When I take him for a walk he gos crazy . Right now hes on my bed . thank you for letting me talk about my little angel, Zam!
Nov. 24, 2001

Hi my name is Alexa. I live in Gardnerville, Nevada in the USA. This is my dog Otto. He is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. He is the best dog because he is so big and gentle. He would never even hurt a fly.
Nov. 23, 2001

My other dog is Elvis even thogh he has pasted away I will always love him the most.
Nov. 20, 2001

My dogs name is Presely he is a west highland terrier. My other dog is a black lab and his name is Coal. These are the two best dogs anyone could ever have. I love them very much.
Nov. 20, 2001

[I couldn't unzip you photo - it requires software I don't have.]The red min pin is a girl, her name is Ginger. The black and rust min pin is a boy, his name is Benny. These two dogs are my best friends. They are playful and very lovable.

Lynne in New York State
Nov. 17, 2001

[your dog's photo did not appear in your e-mail!] Hi I am Kristina 11years old and this is my dog named Daisy. She is an 8 week old shepard/rotty mix.Even though she is still young she is the best dog I ever had.I know when shes older, she will be my best friend.She loves to run and play but will not harm a sole.On October 12,2001 there was an ad in our local news paper heading it DEATH ROW, a week before that our German Shepard died so we went the next day to get a dog. I knew she was right for me when she ran up to me and jumped on me. By looking into her right eye I noticed she had half blue at the top and half brown at the bottom. The other eye was totally brown My grandmother asked if something was wrong but she was just fine. All the other kids wanted her too but I got her my little Daisy May. She is sitting in my lap sleeping as I write this. Thank you all for reading this.

Kristina, 11years old, lives in Southwest Florida.
Nov. 8, 2001

This is a picture of my Black lab that I found On the internet. His name is Conan (like the super hero). Except his ears don't stand up. This could also be my oldest dog. Onyx, he's a mix of Husky and German Shepard. His ears stood up like that.
(Sorry, but we can't post pictures that belong to other web sites.)
Nov. 15, 2001

This is my dog Brutus. He is an 11 year old Great Dane. He is my best friend in the world. Brutus still loves to run and play with me and loves to give me rides. This Halloween we are dressing up as Scooby Doo and Shaggy.
Oct. 28, 2001

Hi! This is my dog named Bentley. His name is Bentley because when we got him, the famous car was called Bentley. He is such a good companion. He is an outgoing and lively dog that's affectionate with my family. I love him very much and he is the best!
Oct. 26, 2001

Hey! This is my dog named Poopsie. He is the best dog because he is loyal to everyone and gets along with people of all ages. He is very playful and would never harm anyone. He walks around the block everyday and plays fetch. One time, he was so focused on fetching the stick, that he ran into my Dad's motorcycle and didn't care and he continued to go after the stick. When I am sick, he will know it and he is alway next to me and makes my cheer up! I call him Raider because he raids everything. He is my little Prince. Well, enough said for me! ~Lupe
Oct. 25, 2001

Hey! This is my chow. She looks like a lil princess in this picture. In my heart she really is my princess. :)
Oct. 23, 2001

Hi I'm Allie and i'm 13yrs. old I have a brendal Boxer she is the best her name is Reba. She loves to play fetch and walk with me when I ride my bike. We have horses and whenever she sees me with a lead she starts barking and waging her tail, then when I walk by her she gives me those sad puppy dog eyes. Also whenever I get on my bike without her she goes crazy. Out of all the dogs that I can remember us having I think that the Boxer is the best. They are very friendly and love kids. They can pick out the youngest person in a croud. I would send a picture but it won't let me paste it.
Oct. 22, 2001

Hi! my name is Alison Andersen age 10. I love my dog Pala . She loves playing fetch and chasing my cats! She is a mixed breed. she is the best dog I ever had!
Oct. 21, 2001

These are my dogs. Even though they have passed away, they will always be in my heart.

God Bless
(Unfortunately, we can't open .EXE files. Please send them in another format, like a jpeg if GIF file. jeananda)

I am Jeremiah age 10. I have a dog named Chip. He is Quarter Shelty, Quarter Shepard and Half Beagle. I live in Presque Isle,Maine. My Dog is really silly but in a smart way. He can Sit, Stay, Laydown, Shake, Jump, Get up on something, Stay and Come. HE has never been to any training School, We Taught him without force. He loves To Chase Squirels in the Fall. I love Him With all my Heart!
October 14, 2001

In this new section, you can let the world know about your great dog! You can also post a picture of your dog. Click here to e-mail us a photo (or drawing) of your great dog. Please send jpegs or gifs (please do not send images in AOL's compressed art format) and include your dog's name, breed, and your first name, city, state, and country (if you'd like), and why your dog is the world's best dog. Thank you for sharing your wonderful dogs with the world!

My name is Johnna, this is my dog. I am 6 years old. Hercules (my dog) is two years old. He is a big baby, and is scared of my kitty! He likes to go for walks. Everything he does I love him!
Sept. 23, 2001

My name is Grafton and this is my dog Daizy. Daizy is 3 monthes old. She is a Golden Retriever. Daizy is the best dog she came from Montana and now lives on the beach in New England. She loves to eat seaweed!
Sept. 18, 2001

This is Chaz, we have had Chaz since he was 6 weeks old. He is now 13+ years old. His mother was a pure Austrialian Shephard--and by the looks of him we think he is a Pembroke Corgi. He is the best tempered dog, good with children and only a terror when he outside on his tie out, he has to gaurd the house. We feel that Chaz has let us into his home and allows us to sleep on his bed. Even though he is getting older after a good meal it is still "spitty time", this is his stuffed rabbit ( after a few minutes of playing you know why it is called spitty) that he has played with for the last 8 years, if he can not find it he goes into a complete panic.

If you ever want a dog with more love then you can handle --get a dog like mine. He will always been in our hearts because he taught us to love unconditionally.

Milly Ruby
Sept. 14, 2001

Hello my name is Carol. I live in Crystal, Michigan. My dog is the world's best dog because I have Rheumatoid and Osteo arthritis and Jasmine watches over me and is there for me when I need companionship. Whenever the pain starts to get bad, Jasmine steps in and makes me feel happy again!

Sept. 2001 This is KAHNGEE, a soon to be 3 year old Black Lab and Doberman Mix. He is a wild one with a kind soul. You couldn't ask for a better friend.....he even speaks up for fellow canines at obedience school during training, if he feels that they are distressed. He truly is a member of our family and we love him dearly. Sept. 11, 2001

Tasha is the best dog. Sept. 10, 2001

This is Dolly! She is the best dog we have ever had. She loves us all the same, and is like one of the family. She is very smart, and minds well.
Sept. 8, 2001

I have a dashhound and a chiuahua.The dashhounds name is Molly The chiuahuas name is Tiny.

this is roxy she is 1 year old and loves to play alot. she is the best dog because she is so cute and does funny things and wierd tricks. She likes going for walks and chasing possoms, balls, people runing and basicly anything that moves. Sept. 7, 2001

(The picture we received was cut off - it just had the bottom of the legs!)

These are my dogs (top left to right) Rock and Roxy and their pups (bottom left to right) Moon and Sun. Thier the best because the know o many tricks that you can't believe and the protect the cow and sheep. That why they are the best!
(Unfortunately I can't read the photo you sent. AOL's compressed art format only works on AOL. Please send a GIF or JPEG - you may have to turn compressed images off in AOL's preferences.)

My opinion of the best dog in the world is a golden retriever they are to cute if u are looking for a dog I say u should get the golden retriever because they love kids they would never bite and there easy to train just one look at them u would know they are lovable
- Kelsey, 10, Sept. 2, 2001

This is Ally, our Shetland Sheepdog.
She is 11 yrs. old. She is the best dog because she protects our house very well. She likes to keep everyone in the house because her natural instinct is to herd, which is great when there are children in the house! Her best friend is our cat, Maddie, and they just love to roll around and play. She does many tricks and listens obediently to our commands. We get wonderful greetings from her when we come home. We love her very much and we think she is "The Best Dog in the World."
Linda Bernardi, Vernon Hills, Illinois, U.S., Sept. 2, 2001

This is my chow named Koko. She is about 1 year old right here. I forgot to tell you why I think she is the world's best dog. Well first of all, look at her. She has the cutest face that looks like a little cub. Also she listens very well and was easy to train. She is very loyal and is yet a very good guard dog. I don't know what to say because there are so many great things about her. All I know is that she is my little angel and I will always love her.

~Katie, August 24, 2001

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