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The Crossing of the Mayflower
USA Map/Quizzes

1. From which city and country did the Pilgrims leave for the New World? ___________________________________________

2. From which continent did they leave ? _________________________________

3. When did the Pilgrims set sail? ____________________________________

4. Which is the name of the ship in which they sailed? _____________________________________

5. In which direction did the Pilgrims sail: northeast, northwest, southwest, or southeast? ___________________________________

6. Which ocean did the Pilgrims cross? ________________________________________

7. To which continent did they sail? ________________________________________

8. When did the Pilgrims land on this continent? ________________________________________

9. How long did their voyage take: 5 days, 30 days, 66 days, or 94 days? _______________________________

10. The Pilgrims first landed on Cape Cod (in what is now Massachusetts) and then sailed to a nearby area. What is the name of the stony landmark where they eventually landed? ____________________________________________

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