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Label the Turkey
Bird Printouts
Read the definitions below, then label the turkey diagram.

turkey to label

beard - Male turkeys (and a few females) have a bundle of long, thin, dark feather on the chest, called a beard.
bill - Turkeys have a hard, pointed bill (also called the beak) which they use to get food. They eat insects, worms, fruit, seeds, acorns, grains, slugs, snails, and many other foods
caruncle - The reddish-pink fleshy growth on the head and upper neck of the turkey.
eye - Turkeys have two eyes and excellent vision.
snood - The flap of skin that grows from the base of the turkey's bill and hangs over the bill.
spur on leg - Male turkeys have a spike above each foot.
tail fan - The long, colorful tail feathers of the turkey.
wattle - Bright red skin that hangs from a turkey's neck.

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