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Nursery Rhymes
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Archived Teacher's Forum: Early 2002
Teaching Nursery Rhymes

There are a lot of different approaches to teaching nursery rhymes to children and many different related lessons. This forum is a place where teachers and parents can relate their experiences (or questions about) teaching with rhymes (especially using the computer). Please add your techniques so that others can benefit from your knowledge and experience!

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can you guys give me kindergarden work like letters mr.munchy mouth. please if you can give me some thank you

from suzanne, new york, USA; June 23, 2002

Parent putting child to bed....


Here's a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug Hope you sleep as well as a bug in a rug.

My question is this..... what is a ladybug hug? We all know what a butterfly kiss is and a bug in a rug, but never heard of a ladybug hug. Can anyone answer this???

Kathy e-mail: [email protected]

from Kathy, Spring Hill, Florida, USA; June 18, 2002

= Are dictations a good practice activity? Why?

from Raquel and Loren, Alcarras, Spain; June 12, 2002

I am teaching english to preschool and first grade german children. i would like to know if anyone has any ideas for outdoor activities. We have played what´s the time Mr wolf to practice numbers and the time, and mr crocodile may I cross the river to practice colours. But I´m afraid that is the limit of my knowledge of these kinds of games. I would be very grateful for any kinds of games that can be played outside. Thank you in advance Eleanor Köhlmoos.

from Eleanor Koehlmoos, sittensen, Niedersachsen, Germany; June 4, 2002

Hi Jane and Sudha,

I learnt this version of the 'Rub a dub' rhyme when I was a kid in the 60's:

Three men in a tub.
And who do you think they be?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestickmaker.
Turn them out, knaves all three!'

[Yes, bad English declension with 'be'!!]

I found in a rhyme book borrowed from the library when my youngest was a toddler, this wonderful version for bathtime!

Three babes in a tub.
And who d'you think got wet?
The Mummy, the Daddy,
The teddy-bear's tummy,
So, hoppity, out you get!'

Hope y'all get to use these versions. Unfortunately, I don't have the author's name for the babes version, so I can't acknowledge him/her!

from Liz T, Stafford, Staffordshire, England; May 29, 2002

Dear Jane,
The rhyme rub-a-dub goes like this

: Rub-a-dub-dub
Three men in a tub
The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker
If my tub had been stronger
my song would be longer


from Sudha Ramakrishnan, Mumbai, India; May 19, 2002

Not quite sure where tongue twisters originated...probably just some poeple way back when with far too much time on their hands, but they are used in most cases for obvious reasons, such as amusement for children, but at the same time, they are used when catering for ESL students and students who are having troubles with literature based units of work, more specifically phonics and speech problems. They not only promote oral language but analytical thinking, reading and of course writing skills. Getting children to say tongue twisters, is getting them to not only repeat words but repeat letter sounds and to think quickly about what they are saying, in a fun environment.

from Alana, Sydney, NSW, Australia; May 15, 2002

can anyone help me to get some theory about tongue-twisters ???? thanks a lot!!

from nicole, freiburg, baden-württemberg, Germany; May 14, 2002

Hi! I teach special ed. for kids who have multiple disabilities and I use nursery rhymes to teach sight words. It is amazing how they are able to anticipate the rhythm or the words and they learn so quickly which words sound the same. Some of my children can't talk but some are able to use adaptive equipment in order to communicate what they need or want. Nursery rhymes are an excellent way to introduce literacy awareness to a special education class like this one.

from Lindsay Thompson, Newnan, GA, USA; May 8, 2002

Hi I got a question.....have a 2nd grader who is having trouble finding a word that rhymes with children and a word that rhymes with hungry......can you help me.....thanks........

from Debbie Sparks, Eubank, KY, USA; April 24, 2002


This idea is from book i read "How to teach reading in 60 days".

You will have to make a phonics board .The board will have 10 inch square cardboard cut outs with pictures glued on them and a matching word on an other cut out eg.picture of a cat.....CAT

Trace the letter 'C'with your finger saying the sound with the correct mouth movement many times.These cardboard cutouts can be placed on a ledge onthe board just like books in a good display board.

Another activity is to have children run up trace the letter with their finger say the sound. At the beggining of tracing have a dot and the end a star ask themto join the dot and star,helps in writing too and promotes motor skill.

If u like the idea i can explain in detail.


from ROOPA, Mesa, Arizona, USA; Mar. 29, 2002

Hi I am currently in my final year at university and I am doing an assignment focusing on gender issues within children's literature, stereotypical characters etc. Please could you help me!!! I need some background information on stereotypic characters within nursery rhymes.

from Emma White, Abergele, Wales; Mar. 25, 2002

Does anyone have any ideas of teaching the presidents of the US in order to a child that has trouble with short term memory?? For instance, pictures, rebus cards, songs. I am stuck and sure can use some help.

from Terri, Michigan, USA; Mar. 18, 2002

we need song lyrics for 2nd grade, take me out to the baseball game

from Ms. Mills, Benson, AZ, USA; Mar. 13, 2002

Can you help me find the words of Solomon Grundy? HAve you any other rhyme on weekdays? Thank you alessandra

from alessandra, Milan, Italy; Mar. 10, 2002

I've just added the rhyme Solomon Grundy. To go to it, click here. Also, for more calendar-related rhymes and activities, click here.


from JESSICA, NEW JERSEY, USA; Feb. 28, 2002

I need some ne circle time songs and rymes, maybe about dinosuars?? Pleas if anyone has any to share.... [email protected] thanks
Jessica, Castleton, Vermont, USA; Feb. 24, 2002

hi, i have a friend who has just started doing a child care course & can not always have access to the net so i'm helping. she needs info & or resources for an assignment she's doing for the following:- craft activities, songs, play & dance, colours etc, for born to 6 years old. alot of info found so far is great for ages approx 2years plus but not alot for children younger so any help with suggesting websites would be wonderful. thankyou. please forward any info to-
[email protected]


from tracy, south coast, n.s.w., Australia; Feb. 22, 2002

Dear Solvieg, I am interested in your massage techniques. Kindly provide more info. My email is [email protected] Thanks! Julie.

from Julie Liew, Kuala Lumpur, FT, West Malaysia; Feb. 20, 2002

I am planning to start a nursery class this semester. Would you kindly give me advise and suggestions? Thanks form the troulble

from O S Oyappan, Tanjungbalai, North Sumatera, Indonesia; Feb. 16, 2002

Regarding kindergarten Jan 19th A five year old boy needs plenty of gross motor development and out door type activities it is not uncommon to not know ABC's and numbers to 20 at this age it is however probable that over emphasising the importance of both will put him off learning for life and could create a dislike of school We need as parents to allow children to develop at their own rate we would never comment if a one year old was not yet walking and yet we expect school age children to all be the same. A good educator would offer an individual programme based on each child's needs and as part of an overall developmental continuum. This would occur in learning centres within the school day 5 year olds need to play and learn mostly through this. After school programmes foster a dislike of school it just prolongs the agony. Good luck lots of hugs,incidental learning opportunities, and time could be the key. Don't panic at 5 he has so much life in which to learn.

from Murray, Perth, Western Australia, Australia; Feb. 15, 2002

Re: Wee Willie Winkie Here is my sample 5 day plan Day 1: Introduce - have children frame letters/words/ sounds they know. You can modify this framing activity to the needs of your class. Day 2: Identify Rhyming Words - Reread Day 3: Phonemic Awareness - use alpha-ball or alphabet cards. Students roll ball, what ever letter their thumb is touching (i.e. "B") becomes the first letter of "Wee Willie Winkie" it would be Bee Billie Binkie...etc. Repeat Day 4: Reread and focus on concepts of print (quotation marks, left to right directionality, one to one correlation, letter vs. word) Day 5: Innovation (dramatic play) or adding poem to poetry book and illustratin.

from Chloe, FL, USA; Feb. 11, 2002

To Konnenberge: get a copy of the out of print book at a used book store Why Johnny Can't Read ===there are phonics lessons at the end of this book that cover a six week period and they are terrific---I have used this in my 5th and 6th grade classroom successfully to help poor readers.

from G Rouse, Union, SC, USA; Feb. 6, 2002

Just want to answer "KONNIBERGEN" regarding phonics program. I tried to e-mail but address is not good. Try You can order a parents version for approx. $130.00. I have been using it in my child care program for some time and the children just love they know all the sounds of the alphabet. It is a flashcard type program, but it uses movement and best of all it involves different animals which all kids love! Good Luck!

from Gina, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Feb. 4, 2002

how can I adapt the rhyme wee willi winky?

from ?; Feb. 4, 2002

I am looking for a lesson plan to teach Ten Little Monkeys. I want to teach this using finger play. I am not yet a teacher and working on my degree. Thank you.

from Sr. Leeja, Wayzata, MN, USA; Feb. 4, 2002

My son is in the third grade. He is having trouble with reading.His teacher said that his weakest point is phonics. My question is is there anything I can buy to help him at home? I have looked in to "Hooked On Phonics", but it cost $300.00. Now I know i should not put a price on my sons education, but if I could find something else that would be great. Any help would be greatly appreciate it. My e-mail is [email protected]

from Connie Butler, Clifton Heights, PA, USA; Feb. 3, 2002

I am looking for yhe internet sites where I can get metohds/lessons/techniques/contents etc. to teach children of 2 to 3 years age. My email address

from Chhanda Ray, New Delhi, Delhi, India; Jan. 25, 2002

My son is in Kindergarten He is Having trouble remembering his ABC's (recognition) any suggestions????? He is also having trouble with 11-20 on his numbers. He stays after 30min one day a week with his teacher to practice on his trouble areas and we work with him at home with books, games, and on the computer. Any suggestions to help a 5 year old boy who is not to interested in learning his abc's & 123's???????
thanks, Marla Knight

from Marla Knight, Cross Pains, Tennessee, USA; Jan. 19, 2002

my daughter is in the 3rd grade and she has alot of problems with her reading and sounding out words. she never caught on to it in the 1st grade because she almost went def. is there some kind of wooksheets r programs you might have to help me...thank you very much

from jaynell, estherwood, louisiana, USA; Jan. 16, 2002

please send me names of 2grade worksheetssuch as math. writing and reading my email [email protected]

from maha nour, sacramento, CA, USA; Jan. 12, 2002

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