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Nursery Rhymes
Picture Dictionary

Archived Teacher's Forum: Early 2003
Teaching Nursery Rhymes

There are a lot of different approaches to teaching nursery rhymes to children and many different related lessons. This forum is a place where teachers and parents can relate their experiences (or questions about) teaching with rhymes (especially using the computer). Please add your techniques so that others can benefit from your knowledge and experience!

Click here to add your experiences, lesson plans, or questions.

I need a math game for a 2nd grader that will be occupied and not bored

from Maria, chico, california, USA; June 29, 2003

I find there is lots of nursery rhymes in English but very few in French that are illustrated with pictures and boby movements to do. So far the best book I found was the one written by Henriette Mayor but I wonder if you have anything else to suggest.

from Sylvie Dumouchel, Ktiimat, British Columbia, Canada; June 20, 2003

Do you have any examples forl esson plans on the long e sound as in sheep?

from lessonplans, bronx, NY, USA; June 19, 2003

I would like to contact solveig in sweden ...she posted in the late 2001 archives regarding massage...i lost her email when my computer crashed thanks michelle i can be contacted at [email protected]

from michelle, sydney, nsw, australia; June 8, 2003

Reply to Susan Bell, I came across the rhyme while reading the forum and think it's one of the most horrible rhymes I've ever read.Since most nursery rhymes also are in Swedish I am happy to say we don't have the one about the babby bumble bee.

from Maria Sundelin, Stockholm, Sweden; June 6, 2003

I give classes in english in mexico. I use the rymnes in my begining classes with adults. I have found they work well with the practice of phonics.If anyone has ideas on this contact me at [email protected] thank you.

from joanna martinez, tulancingo, hidalgo, Mexico; June 3, 2003

I have seen a couple of posts, several of them older, suggesting instruction of song "Baby Bumble Bee" in the classroom. If you are teaching or considering teaching this song you should strongly consider omitting it from your lesson plans.

I can see why there is a draw to this song because there is repetition, hand motions and sounds that go along with the verses, but the lyrics and the message that is embedded in it makes it completely inappropriate for the classroom.

The premise of this song is that a bumble bee is caught, smashed, licked, eaten and, in several versions thrown up. Each line ends with, "Won't my mommy be so proud of me."

As a parent and a teacher, I teach my kids about animals in the animal kingdom, including the purpose of each in the system to which it belongs. I don't think I need to educate anyone here about the bumble bee and its function in pollinating ornamental and fruit bearing plants. The instructional value of teaching children about the smashing and killing of bumble bees, along with sending the message that such acts will result in parental approval, escapes me.

This may be a song for the playground, but it certainly isn't one for the classroom. Just because it fits with a theme or unit, doesn't justify its place in the curriculum.

from Susan Bell, Overland Park, KS, USA; Apr. 29, 2003

Native American Song
1 to teach the musical melody of the song and be able to sing along.
2. be able to put the words to the music.

1 Music book appropriate to grade level will list Native American Songs
2 CD player with the CD to match the grade appropriate books.
We have been talking about the Native Americans in the US and we know there are Americans and Native Americans that are very different, but at the same time have different things in common. We are going to learn a song that has a few words in the Native American language.

* read the song out loud to the students
* read the song again phrase by phrase having the students repeat after you.
* sing the song once through as an example for the students. * play the CD. have students follow along.
* have students sing the song on la,la,la. until they know the tune
* have students sing the song together with the CD until they feel they know the song.
* have students sing the song without the CD * move the next verse--read it at first
* listen to the CD sing the verses all the way through and ask the students if they notice a pattern. the song will sing the instrumental sounds of the previous verses before moving on to the refrain.

1 Review vocabulary with students
2 Ask what is this song about?

from Roger Deming, Vancouver, Washington, USA; Apr. 24, 2003

sight words real world plan is appropriated and useful for targeted educational enviorment two state standards integrate Internet Softwares reference two article or best practicesassesment rubric for teachers, parents and children

from Shana Naderi, Decatur, illinois, USA; Apr. 23, 2003

to Floria Ma.
Open, shut them (open fingers, close fingers) say 2x
give yourself a clap, clap, clap (clap hands 3x)

Open, shut them (2x)
Give yourself a pat, pat, pat (pat back 3x)

Open shut them (2x)
put them in your lap, lap, lap (hands folded and placed in lap)

I found a little baby bumble bee, (PRETEND TO BE LOOKING AT SOMETHING ON HAND)
Won't my mommy be so proud of me,
I found a little baby bumble bee,

I'm squishing up my baby bumble bee, (RUB HANDS TOGETHER LIKE SQUISHING BUG)
Won't my mommy be so proud of me,
I'm squishing up my baby bumble bee,
Eww it's all over me (OPEN HANDS AND LOOK AT MESSY BUG)

I'm licking up my baby bumble bee, (MAKE LICKING MOTIONS TO HANDS)
Won't my mommy be so proud of me,
I'm licking up my baby bumble bee,

I'm going to the doctor
With my bee
Won't my mommy be so proud of me
I'm going to the doctor with my bee.
OUCH, he gave a shot to me!

Hope these help you

from sheila miller, azusa, ca, USA; Apr. 16, 2003

Dear Solveig Berggren How can I contact u? I'm interested to know more.I'm working with the 4years old. Is it possible to introduce message to them? How did u do it with your children? pls emailme [email protected] Hope to hear from u.

from kals, woodlands, singapore; Apr. 11, 2003

i need rhymes and lesson plan to teach my 4years old theme on vegetables. i hope ican have coloring pages with the rhymes as well as the pictures for my children to colour. pls help. thanks

from kals, woodlands, singapore; Apr. 11, 2003

lesson on easter

from carolyn, shannon, ms, USA; Apr. 3, 2003

I'm a pre-school (5 years)teacher. i teach english as a second language, and as our Holly Week is approaching, i would like to work with my children Humpty Dumpty. How can i introduce this Nursery rhyme to them?

from Sol Brown, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Apr. 1, 2003

i want to hav a lesson plan to help my students learn to write poetry

from scot mattox, long beach, ca, USA; Mar. 31, 2003

For a page on writing a funny dinosaur poem, click here. JC

To ENCHANTEDLEARNING I need help with some games for third graders including math .One of the girls doesn't have a lot of confidents and is very upset because she needs more help in math can you tell me how to talk to her?contact me at [email protected]

from Lila, OROVILLE, CALIFORNIA, USA; Mar. 30, 2003

a short lesson on a topic that has to do with spanish

from tianie, chula vista, california, USA; Mar. 23, 2003

For some Spanish activities at Enchanted Learning, click here.

i tutor for third graders in math i need afun way to teach multiplication?Please email me at [email protected]

from linda, oroville, california, USA; Mar. 22, 2003

teaching rhymes and stories by showing actions. any cd's available in chennai. please reply me immediately. i have to attend an interview on 29/3/2003. my mail id is [email protected]

from revathy, chennai, tamilnadu, india; Mar. 21, 2003

Hi - I am teaching my english speaking son spanish. Does anyone know where I can get lyrics (and CDS/mp3s to play) to the common nursery rhymes he knows? Baa Baa Black Sheep, Head Shoulders etc etc. Thanks.

from max danta, London, UK; Mar. 19, 2003

Does anyone know the words to the childrens song 3 jellyfish (Sitting on a rock)

from anna, sydney, nsw, Australia; Mar. 15, 2003

I found this online:

Three Blind Jellyfish (sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice)

Three blind jellyfish
Three blind jellyfish
Three blind jellyfish
Sitting on a rock!

But a wave hits and knocks off a jellyfish from the rock! Oh no!

Two blind jellyfish
Two blind jellyfish
Two blind jellyfish
Sitting on a rock!

But a wave hits and knocks off another jellyfish! Oh no! Two blind jellyfish
Two blind jellyfish
Two blind jellyfish
Sitting on a rock!

But a wave hits and knocks off the last jellyfish off the rock! Oh no!

No blind jellyfish
No blind jellyfish
No blind jellyfish
Sitting on a rock!

And a wave comes in, and we get a jellyfish back! Yeah!
and then you can add jellyfish one at a time and repeat the song as long as you can stand. JC

my children will be learning about candles in afew weeks and i would like to create a word search how do i do that?

from Serena, Brentwood, NY, USA; Mar. 7, 2003

I am currently teaching phonics -- need a creative approach for presenting singular and plural possessive case. Any stories or poems that can be used? Appreciate any help.....


from Dorothy D'Amato, New York, USA; Mar. 4, 2003

I would like to know a craft or activity yo do with the rhyme Rub a dub dub.I work with toddlers.

from Barbara Ingland, Columbus, Ohio, USA; Feb. 1, 2003

I have a little 1 year old baby. I would like to sing her English songs or nursery rhymes in English but although I have the lyrics I don¥t have the music and I don¥t know how to sing them out. Could you help me please?

from Amparo Podo, A CoruÒa, Spain; Jan. 31, 2003

I would like to get suggestion about planning a lesson in english for 5 years old children,who want very much to learn english

I would be very pleased to get suggetions.My only experience:i am mother of a 28 years old boy,i am a retired psichotherapist and phisician,I love children and I am sure that it is important to know other cultures and other languages.

Thank you in advance.

from H.Korenberg, Muenich, Germany; Jan. 24, 2003

Looking of lesson plans for k3's on how to teach alphabets, numbers, and Science lessons

from Tameka Rolle, Nassau, Bahamas; Jan. 12, 2003

I need ideas on how to teach nursery rhymes for my unit can you please help

from Rachel, El paso tx, USA; Dec. 21, 2002

I would just like to add to Julie Tremble's desire (Savannah,GA) to add lesson plans as well as any ideas applicable to phonemic awareness and phonological awareness. My school is on the phonemic awarenes band-wagon, grades K-5.

Thank you,
Juli Herring CES 1st-2nd loop

from Juli Herring, Cottonwood, AZ, USA; Nov. 24, 2002


I am taking up a training in teaching profession and have to submit a report on effective methods and tools in teaching nursery rhymes and stories to toddlers between the age group of 3 - 6 years.

Can u please help me in getting me information reagrding the key areas where I will have to concentrate and the important tips that u would like to mail me.

Thank you for your kind help.

lovingly, Sripriya Vijayaraghavan

from Sripriya Vijayaraghavan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India; Nov. 22, 2002

Hi I¥m looking for poems or rhymes concerning the 7 days of the week for children, attending elementary school. I appreciate your help thank you Petra

from Petra, graz, austria; Nov. 12, 2002
For Monday's Child, click here. For Solomon Grundy, click here. We also have a page of calendar-related activities (rhymes, crafts, etc.).

I think this site is great for my class all though I kind of tudor 2 first grader and 1 second grader allthough I'm 10 I think think this site has helped me alot in teaching I also have a suggestion to make maybe you guys could put songs for young kids to sing like say it was (called Bluie) Bluie Bluie little whale was very small...(sang to Baa baa black sheep) that would also be neat so when I do music I can have simple songs for the kids Thanks Ms.Terry from the Childrens Horizon program Crookston ,NE Please don't look me up that's just MY name for the group were not a big company or anything well not yet at least.

from Celeste Terry Ms. Terry, Crookston, USA; Nov. 11, 2002

I need to come up with a history lesson on spiders for a kindergarten class. Can you give me some suggestions on what to do? Thank you so much.

from priscilla, el paso, tx, USA; Nov. 9, 2002

Hello there! This is just my first time to surf on your web, and i know you could help me to be a better teacher since you're offering alot of advancement and opportunities to explore about so many things. Adding to the fact, that this is just my first year of teaching in pre school, specifically kinder and i do believe that your web could really be of great help to me. I just have a liitle problem, will be having a program this coming January and its all about poetry contest,so its more like of a poetry inerpretation and i only have a very limited idea regarding this.Can anyone help me to find 2 poems with at least 5-7 stanzas which i could use for my class in kinder . Thanks so much! I hope you could help on this.

from judith c. samudio, marikina city, Manila, Philippines; Oct. 26, 2002

how to teach nuresy children about vegetables

from shivani, delhi, india; Oct. 26, 2002

Hi, I`m german and a teacher and now I have to teach englisch. Do you know a alphabet-rhyme for beginners???

from Edith Stotz, Wuppertal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland; Oct. 18, 2002

I grow up in Costa Rica, my first language is Spanish, but my daugther now is 31/2 years old and she is learning all the children songs in Child Care, I new some english songs but not all of them. I need the lyrics of these songs: Tea Pot, Bingo (dog), The bumble bee, Open, shut them, Head and shoulder. I really appreciate your help.

from Floria Ma. Garcia, La Verne, California, USA; Oct. 15, 2002

For I'm a Little Teapot, click here, for Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, click here, and for Bingo, click here. JC

will it works when you say 1.2.3 eyes on my,or 1.2.3fingers pointing to me. it cuold work any way. those are some examples. hope it works!:)

from erika robertson, vancouver, washington, USA; Oct. 3, 2002

I'm doing a lesson on the "it" family. Any suggestions? Thanks

from sharon, cranston, rhode island, USA; Oct. 3, 2002

i,m a graphics student at west exe technology college and for my GCSE course work i have to design and make a 3-d telling the time resorce for teachers. i would like to hear some advide or pictures/free merchandise you could give me. please contact me on: [email protected]

from kayleigh proud, exeter, devon, england; Oct. 2, 2002

To Rosemarie Brunjes, The 5 Little Pumpkins Fingerplay Song: 5 little pumpkins sitting on a gate, the first one said, "it's getting rather late." The second one siad, "There are witches in the air." The third one said, "We don't care." The fourth onr said, "let's run, let's run!" The fifth one said, "Weee, this is fun!"

from Danielle Napodano, W.I., New York, USA; Sept. 21, 2002

french songs they will be good for kids to learn much more

from flumer, adelaide, sa, australia; Sept. 15, 2002

in the nursery rhyme humpty dumpty, which king is represented ?

from andrew, newport, mon, uk; Sept. 5, 2002

to linda another song for maths is 1 little finger, 1 litte finger, 1 little finger tap tap tap point it to the ceiling, point it to the foor and lay them in your lap lap lap. repeat replacing the numbers for 2345678910. Another

from elyza, ingleburn, nsw, australia; Sept. 3, 2002

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