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Tyrannosaurus rex

Questions and Answers About T. rex

People mave many questions about Tyrannosaurus rex. Here are a few of them.

Q: How big is a T-Rex?
from Robby B, ?, ?, ?; July 11, 2001

A: T. rex was up to about 40 feet (12.4 m) long and about 15 to 20 feet (4.6 to 6 m) tall.

Q: Was Trex the biggest dinosaur that ever lived ?
from Ryan W, Labrador City, NFLD, Canada; June 29, 2001

A: Not at all. T. rex was puny compared to many plant-eaters. There were also a few carnivores that were longer.

Q: Name All The Meat Eating Dinosaurs Larger Than T-Rex.
from euoplacephulas, Alta, CA, USA; June 23, 2001

A: That's hard to do, because most of the fossils are incomplete and for most, only one fossil has been found, making any sweeping generalizations about size seem silly (you don't know if that particular dinosaur was big, average, or small). The biggest theropods include T. rex, Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Bahariasaurus, Giganotosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Epanterias, Allosaurus, Torvosaurus, etc.

Q: What Is the diffrence between a TYRANNOSAURUS REX and a TYRANNOSAURUS(if any.)
from Fatimah, Philadephia, Pennslyvania, America; June 6, 2001

A: Tyrannosaurus is the name of a genus of meat-eating dinosaurs that includes many species, including the species Tyrannosaurus rex (also called T. rex)

Q: what is a tyrannosaurus rex's habitat like
from a.b, pomfret, ct, u.s.a.; May 8, 2001

A: T. rex probably lived in forested areas.

from T.S, MOBILE, AL, THEODORE; May 8, 2001

A: T. rex has about 200.

Q: how much does the T-Rex weigh?
from Meghan P, massena, new york, united states; May 7, 2001

A: Tyrannosaurus rex weighed roughly 5 to 7 tons.

Q: What main food does the trannosaurus eat
from colin d., burlington, kentucky, north america; May 7, 2001

A: Fossilized T. rex dung has been found - it contained crushed Triceratops frill, so large plant-eating dinosaurs were certainly included in T. rex's diet.

Q: Where was T.rex found
from Prithvi N., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvaina, U.S.A; May 1, 2001

A: T. rex fossils have been found in western North America and in Mongolia. For more information , clicik here.

Q: How many chambers did the Tyrannosaurus rex's heart have?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 24, 2001

A: No one knows; no fossilized T. rex heart has been found.

Q: what period did Tyranno saurus rex live in?
from kristin, leominster, massachusetts, America; May 23, 2001

A: Tyrannosaurus rex lived during the late Cretaaceous period.

Q: how long ago did the t-rex become extinxt?
from laura.v, cornwall, ontario, canada; May 23, 2001

A: T. rex went extinct 65 million years ago in the K-T mass extinction.

Q: Who found the tyrannosaurex?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; May 16, 2001

A: The first Tyrannosaurus rex fossil was discovered by the famous fossil hunter Barnum Brown in 1902. Click here for more information.

Q: How many T-Rex skeletons were discovered in the 2000 dig in Montana?
from jg, warren, mi, usa; March 30, 2001

A: In 2000, Jack and Celeste Horner, Bob Harmon, Larry Boychuk, and Greg Wilson found five T. rex fossils near the Fort Peck Reservoir in Montana, USA. This was the first time more than one T. rex was found in one spot.

Q: I was just wondering, could you please answer these following questions: 1 What kind of prey did the T.rex eat? 2 Were the T.rex in the cretacious period? 3 How were the T.rex born? 4 What are the charactoristics of the T.rex? 5 What did the T. rex's arms help it do?
Matthew S.

from Matthew S., Mckinney, Texas, N.America; March 29, 2001

A: 1. T. rex ate large plamt-eating dinosaurs like Triceratops. 2. Yes. 3. They hatched from eggs. 4. Click here. 5. Probably not much.

Q: what dino died last
from Dallas.S, Walkes-Barre, penslyvania, u.s; March 29, 2001

A: The dinosaur whose fossil is the youngest (making it the last known dinosaur) was a hadrosaurid that dates from after the K-T extinction. For more information, click here.

Q: Does the T-REX have feathers?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; April 30, 2001

A: No. Fossilized T. rex skin has been found and it shows no evidence of feathers. Some paleontologists recently began to think that perhaps young T. rex may have had feathered skin. For information on T. rex, click here.

Q: where did t rex lived in the world??????
from sg, Thomaston, Ga., USA; April 26, 2001

A: T. rex lived in what is now North America and Asia (Mongolia).

Q: Did trisarotops ever fight T-rex.
from Sean L., St. Bony, MN, USA; April 24, 2001

A: T. rex preyed upon Triceratops, and Triceratops probably fought back energetically (to put it mildly).

Q: Which present day animal is suggested to be the evolutionary desecndant of the Tyrannosaurus Rex?
from Ryan M., Pleasant Valley, New York, United States of America; April 24, 2001

A: None - T. rex was an evolutionary dead end. Some other theropod dinosaurs (probably the maniraptors) evolved into the birds.

Q: How did the T. Rex became extinct?
from Chelsey J, Sacramento, CA., United Sates; April 3, 2001

A: T. rex died during the K-T extinction, which may have been caused by a huge asteroid impact that changed the Earth's climate.

Q: how did the t-rex care for its young?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; March 13, 2001

A: There is no fossil evidence to tell us anything about this (yet).

Q: Did t- rexes hunt in packs?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; March 13, 2001

A: There is no evidence for this.

Q: What is the size of a T-Rex footprint? I am planning an activity of comparing footprints for kindergarten children. Thanks
from jeanne f, Burr Ridge, Il, usa; March 12, 2001

A: T. rex's footprint was 1.55 feet (46 cm) long (although its feet were much longer, about 3.3 feet (1 m) long; T. rex, like other dinosaurs walked on its toes).

Q: Why was the Tyrannousaurs Rex named King of the Tyrant lizard
from ?, ?, ?, ?; March 12, 2001

A: Because when T. rex was found, it was the biggest meat-eating dinosaur known.

Q: How much meat did T.Rex eat in a day?
from Jaimie V, Tifton, GA, USA; March 5, 2001

A: That isn't known - the amount would depend on T. rex's metabolism. If T. rex was cold-blooded, it would need much less food than if it was warm-blooded. For more information on T. rex, click here.

Q: what was the date they found t rex.
from ?, ?, ?, ?; February 27, 2001

A: T. rex was first discovered in 1902. For more information on T. rex, click here.

Q: Any information on what the average lifespan of an individual t-rex was?
from Tom, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; December 25, 2000

A: I've seen guesstimates of about a 40-year life span for T. rex (but this could be way off). Q: 1.Whats the latest news on TYrannosaurus Imperator? 2.Are there any pictures of him? 3. WHo was deadlier when it came to killing, tyrannosaur family or dromaeosaur family
from Kenny, ?, ?, ?; December 19, 2000

A: As far as I know, nothing has been published on Rigby's new specimen of Tyrannosaurus, and the even the name is uncertain. It is rumored to have larger forearms than T. rex and is supposedly bigger in general. I have no idea which was deadlier.

Q: how did the famous t.rex defend him/herself?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; December 16, 2000

A: Mostly with its famous teeth. For more information on T. rex, click here.

Q: hey! ive written to you before, and you were a wonderful help! but i have a new question for you... did raptors and t-rex get along well what were both of their behaviors... im doing a project in school and i have to pretend to be the keeper of the meat eating animals.. is there anything i should need to know about these animals like what they eat.. what their reactions are... so on and so on.. i reallyy needd to know ASAPPPP you have been a great help but i reallyy need a answer thanx sososososososos much!
from Jenna P., L.A., where do ya think?, lemme think... U S A~; December 12, 2000

A: The various raptors (like Deinonychus, Velociraptor, Utahraptor, etc.) lived in different places and occupied very different niches than T. rex did. I doubt they would get along if put side by side. As to what they ate, it is known that T. rex ate Triceratops (and probably other large plant-eating dinosaurs, like hadrosaurs).

from ALEXANDER B, APPLE VALLEY, CAL., U. S.A.; December 10, 2000

A: T. rex was at the top of the food chain.

Q: what does rex in t. rex stand for?
from ?, ?, ?, ?; December 6, 2000

A: It means king (in Latin). The T. should be capitalized because it stands for a genus (and the genus name is always capitalized, although the species name is not). The T. stands for Tyrannosaurus (which means tyrant lizard in Latin).

Q: Why was Tyrannosaurus in the Cretaceous and not in the other periods
from Caleb B, monterey, California, USA; December 6, 2000

A: Because that's when T. rex evolved.

Q: How and where does the Tyrannosaurus Rex live in each season of the year?
from n.y., sacramento, Ca, sacramento; December 2, 2000

A: During the late Cretaceous period, the seasons were not as extreme as they are now (seasonality was low during the entire Mesozoic Era). There was probably no need for T. rex to migrate to find food in the winter (which was very mild compared to now).

Q: How big are T-Rex's Teeth?
from ?????????, ?????????, ??????????, ??????????; December 3, 2000

A: T. rex's teeth were up to 9 inches (23 cm) long. For more information on T. rex, click here.

Q: can you give me the class, order, suborder, Infradorder, Micro-order, family, genus, and species of the t-rex. It for my project. Sorry for asking too much question..please answer as soon as possible..thanks.. ny
from n.y., sacramento, Ca, sacramento; December 2, 2000

A: For T. rex's classification, click here. Q: what was the order of t-rex?
from Erica H., crosby, tx, united states; November 29, 2000

A: T. rex belonged to the order Saurischia. For more information on T. rex's classification, click here.

Q: Was Tyrannosaurus considered a Predator- or Scavenger?
from Bryan, ?, ?, ?; November 28, 2000

A: Most paleontologists think T. rex was an active predator but there is a minority viewpoint that it was mostly a scavenger. For more information on this debate, click here.

Q: What are the usual size of a T-Rex's egg?
from Ashley A, Eure, North Carolina, USA; November 21, 2000

A: No T. rex eggs have been found yet.

from LUIS.R, EDMONTON, ?, CANADA; November 21, 2000

A: No one knows.

from JUSTIN T, CARROLLTON, KENTUCKY, ?; January 12, 2001

A: The continents were arranged a bit differently during the late Cretaceous period (when T. rex lived) than they are now. T. rex fossils have been found in the western USA and in Mongolia (what was then the continent of Laurasia). For more information on T. rex, click here.

Q: although considered a modern disease, traces of this were found in dinosaur bones. what is the disease that they are talking about?
from Ashley, Castle Rock, CO, USA; January 4, 2001

A: Gout has been found in some T. rex bones, For more information T. rex's bout with gout, click here.

Q: What is the name of the largest specimen of tyrannosaur unearthed.
from Justin.C, Wichita, Kansas, North America; January 4, 2001

A: There's a new T. rex that has been nicknamed imperator (but this is NOT an official name) and is it rumored to be about 15% bigger than other T. rex (but no information on it has been published by Rigby, so this is all uncertain). Sue (at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL) is the biggest otherwise.

Q: Which was more dangerous an Apatosauraurs or a Tyrannosaurs Rex
from ?, ?, ?, ?; January 29, 2001

A: T. rex

Q: What animals other than T. Rex lived in the cretacious period. (I don't think I spelled cretacious right.)
from Someone, Pheonix, Arizona, Antarctica; January 27, 2001

A: During the Cretaceous period, there were a lot of other animals, including other reptiles (like pterosaurs, ichthyosaurs, and mosasaurs), early mammals, many invertebrates (including insects, arachnids, worms, sponges, trilobites, ammonites, corals, etc.), fish (including sharks), and many more.

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